How does a Hawkers Daily Contact Lens subscription work?

First step

Sign up for a regular, scheduled delivery of our contact lenses. Tell us which lenses, how many and how often you need, and where we should send them.

Second step

We’ll start out nice and easy by shipping out a 10-day trial pack for your specified prescription for which you only pay the shipping fee of 3.99£. After that, shipping is FREE.

Third step

Try them out for a week or so. Marvel at how comfortable they are. Congratulate yourself for getting them, laugh out loud at unexpected and inappropriate times, and buy yourself something nice with the money you have already saved.

Fourth step

Happy*? Sit back and relax: your subscription will kick in automatically. You’ll receive your first full delivery at the end of the 10 day trial period.
* Unhappy? We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be happy, but it takes all sorts. You can simply cancel your subscription during the ten day trial before your first subscription delivery ships**.

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