Our bank balance shouldn’t determine our eye health.

Daily contacts aren’t all that expensive to produce. The overheads of inefficient business models just make it seem that way.

When business people smell a good thing, they come looking for scraps. A long line of middle men forms which corporations euphemistically call their Distribution Chain. The cost of all those scraps gets passed on to their customers (you). Hawkers eliminates parasites by shipping directly from the manufacturer to you.

An affordable price for daily contacts doesn’t mean they are inferior. The inflated prices you’ve been conditioned to pay just makes it seem that way.

In 2017, we started looking at the contact lens market. We decided to try to find an experienced, independent manufacturer to work with to offer quality daily contacts at a fair price. After three years of research, we identified a global partner with 40 years of experience and - importantly - with all the necessary, up-to-date EU certification in place.

If we spend our lives online, why not order our contact lenses online?

Nowadays, we can buy practically anything on the Internet, so why not daily contact lenses? We can offer a decent price by reducing our costs - and we can reduce costs even further by offering a subscription model which on top of everything makes your life easier: we deliver straight to your door and you don’t even have to remember to order more contact lenses when you run low on supplies!

Our subscruption model is super-flexible: get your Hawkers Daily Contacts where you need them to be delivered, when you want them to be delivered.

Daily contacts are obviously the best and most comfortable solution for vision correction, but we know that not everyone wants to wear contacts all day, every day. So we let you choose when and where to have your Hawkers Daily Contacts delivered. Oh, and we deliver them FOR FREE.

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